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Wrong utensil used milchig/fleishig


I made onions & eggs in a dairy pan using large oil spray on a designated for milchig induction burner but used a designated for meat silicone spatula that had not been used in 24 hrs if ever (it’s a new set). Is the pan still milchig? Is the spatula still okay for fleishig? Is the cooktop still milchig?


Thank you for your question.

Since all of the ingredients were pareve, and the spatula that was used is only questionable if it was fleishig in the first place, everything is still considered pareve, and nothing became fleishig. Therefore the pan is still milchig, and nothing happened to the cooktop. Regarding the spatula, assuming that the pan was not used to cook cheese or other real milchig within 24hrs. prior to frying the egg, the spatula would still be permitted to use for fleishig.

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Since the spatula is questionable if it was ever used for fleishig, we say אחזוקי באיסורא לא מחזקינן and we don’t assume that there is issur here.

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