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Paying for benefiting from a shul or website


Hi, if I daven in the same shteiblich every morning and enjoy the AC and obviously the lighting, is it advisable to contribute to the financing someway? I don’t have any idea how much that would cost.

What about all the articles I read online, Torah-related, or not (like from Wikipedia) on a semi-consistent basis? Is it advisable to pay those that run the sites some amount?

What about a shteiblich that I daven in on ocassion? Does it make a difference that’s it’s only once in a while that I benefit from the conveniences?

My assumption has been that I am not required to pay, but I don’t know with certainty that that’s a true assumption.


If everyone would only have such feelings, of responsibility when going to a shul etc., I’m sure it would make life a lot easier for all those gabboim etc. If only everyone was like you…

If you daven in a shul it is basic hakaras hatov to donate to the expenses of the running of the shul. The same is with this site, and other torah web sites, that you benefit from, that are in need for donations. It is not a monetary obligation to reimburse the shul or site for your use, but because of a feeling of responsibility, and gratitude, that if you benefiting from something, not to just take, but to also be a giver. Since it is not a monetary obligation, you don’t have to be concerned with the amount that you give, and whatever you feel is the correct amount for you to give. By the way the money that you donate can be taken from maaser money.

Best wishes and tizku l’mitzvos

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