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Bracha on toiveling a pot and its lid


Should it be tevilat keli or tevilat keilim? (this is after the fact, I already opted for keilim since they are two distinct parts).


Interesting question, in fact there is controversy about this, if we consider it two parts of one kli of as two separate keilim, and most poskim say that the bracha is al tevilas kli. It is important to note, that there are those who have the minhag to say keilim even for one kli. Additionally, evn those who say kli for one item, b’dieved even if one switched and said kli instead of keilim or vise versa, the bracha is still valid.

Kesiva V’chasima tova



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Keilim- tevilas Keilim 11 ftnt. 59 in the name of Rivovos Efrayim, chut Shani (Tevilas Keilim) 3.

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