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Can We Consider Rock Salt Already Cooked?



I refer to a recent question that you answered and this link:

An additional question has arisen based on this regarding rock salt. We learn that rock salt is not considered cooked (because it is mined) and therefore there may be issues using this type of salt on Shabbos (according to the machmir opinion that you cannot even put it into a kli sheni) due to not being able to utilize the principle of ein bishul achar bishul.

Now, the question (and its asked with all seriousness) is that rock salt was formed many thousands of years ago by water evaporating from the suns heat and leaving the salt deposits. This process of evaporation could be considered a process of bishul. Therefore the rock salt in the ground could have a status of bishul. We have determined in the previous sheila that once something is cooked it never loses its status as cooked. So perhaps the rock salt is considered bishul and thefore one could use the principle of ein bishul achar bishul.

We are interested in the lomdus of answering this.

Thank you.



I am not familiar with this theory. How said that is what happened, maybe Hashem created it that way. Secondly, evaporated water doesn’t necessarily mean that it got yad soledes bo and that it is considered cooked.

Kesvia vchasima tova

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