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Leaving cold soup on hot plate before shabbos


Is it ok to leave cold soup on the hot plate (platter) before shabbos? I think it’s ok because there is no maiseh shabbos and there’s no issue of shehiyah because the soup is cooked.

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According to most poskim it is permitted, the reason being that since it was already cooked and it is still before Shabbos, we are not afraid that one might come to stir the coal in order to make sure that it heats up well. Others question this. Although it is permitted, it is preferred to make sure that it is hot before shabbos. Ait heter is only because it was alredy cooked and because it is still before Shabbos.

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Chazon Ish O:CH 37-27, Oz Nidberu 12-20, Kovetz Teshuvos 3-39, Megilas Sefer ( Shabbos) 1-1, MInchas Ish ( Psakim) 4-6.  Also See Orchos Shabbos 2-6 who questions this. Also see Otzros Shabbos pg. 400, and The Shabbos Kitchen pg. 55.

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