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LADLE with CHOLLENT on Shabbos


AFTER USING A LADLE for CHOLLENT or any other hot food (soup) needs to be cleaned before using it again either by another person or the person himself? Putting it back to scoop another scoop of food, or after a person using it from before. A second person. DOES THE LADLE NEED TO BE WIPED AND CLEANED?


It doesn’t have to be wiped clean, however any accumulation of liquid or cholent should be removed. This is because the cholent was already cooked, and although we hold that liquids that cooled down are again subject to bishul, the halachos are not as strict, therefore it doesn’t have to be totally clean, rather as stated.

A practical habit to avoid any questions is to keep the ladle in the pot, after serving the soup. This way, the soup inside it will not cool down.

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Igros Moshe O:”CH 1-93, 4-74 Bishul 19, Hilchos Shabbos (Eider) pg. 295.

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