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Proper Al Hamichya for Shabbos gray insert and Al Hamichya process for adding two brachos simultaneously:


1. Al Hamichya on the bottom (in the gray box) it says to insert on Shabbos – ורצה והחליצנו ביום השבת הזה – And may it be pleasing to you to give us rest on this day. Does this include Erev Shabbos? Or only the Shabbos hours are counted? 2. In Al Hamichya there are a few sections. For illustration, I’d ate pasta salad with olives. I’ll insert the after grain products column (ate pasta). In contrast, I must also add the after fruits column (after eaten olives). How to do this? I have three thoughts. Which one is correct? 1. Do I start with the after grain products column then finish the paragraph. 2. Right after, going back to the top after the fruits column and recite paragraph. 3. Final option, do I first say the after grain products column, then transfer over to the after fruits column; finally conclude paragraph. Thank you.


Thanks for the question. I’m happy that you are asking… this is the best way to learn…

  1. We only say ritzei when it is actually Shabbos, but not on erev Shabbos before it is actually Shabbos. On Shabbos eve, after we have already accepted Shabbos, then we would insert ritzei. For example, when eating cookies after the Friday night as a snack after the meal.
  2. When eating pasta salad that is flavored with olives, we don’t say a bracha on the olives, because they are there only as a condiment to give taste to the pasta. Therefore, in the specific case that you gave it wouldn’t be applicable. However, let’s say you ate cake and had some olives at a kiddush on Shabbos, then you would insert both the grain and fruit columns. The way to do it to say the insert “al hamichya v’al hakalkala, then al haetz, v’al pri haetz” then continue saying until you get to the next part and then again add both inserts, putting the insert for the grains before the one for the fruits. This would be like the “Final option that you wrote.

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