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Ring Cameras on Shabbos


Can someone walk in front of someone else’s ring camera on shabbos knowing that it will set off the camera and begin recording? I would think it’s a psik raisha dilo nicha lei for the Person walking in front of the camera because it is serving him no purpose that he is being recorded. It’s only useful for the home owner to know what’s going on outside his door.

Is this the same shaila as walking in front of a motion censored flood light if there is no other way of walking or if there’s other light in the area and it’s not serving as the only source of light?

Thank you and Tizku limitzvos

(If possible please include sources for future reference thank you).


Correct according to most poskim it is permitted to walk in front of such a camera even though it will activate the video mechanism, because you have absolutely nothing out of it. This is especially so if your picture is not shown on a monitor, and it is only being recorded.

Regarding the flood light, since you have other light there and you don’t want it. If you can possibly distance yourself, and walk in a way that it wouldn’t be a psik reisha that it will turn on that is better. However if you can’t it is also permitted. This is because it isn’t worse than psik riesha d’lo niecha lei, and according to some poskim it is even better than that since you are doing your normal walking and the action is happening by itself.

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