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I asked you a question about taking audio off of you tube and you answered privately asking for more info about the audio.
It’s a CD called “the purim story made by kirsch and greenwald. And its available online (as is most audio). I don’t know if people know that they can get this specific CD on you tube. Whoever has constant internet access doesn’t need to download it, but I can’t get onto you tube, Baruch Hashem. So I was wondering if someone could download it for me with one of the many programs available for downloading from you tube. Would it make a difference if I only kept it for around purim time, and then deleted it?

If it’s more lechatchila not to do it, then probably I won’t do it.
Thank you for your time and helpful website.


 Thank you for your question.

If the producer of the audio knows about it and allows it then it is permitted, otherwise it is controversial if it is permitted or not. This is not different that everyone else who can see it straight on YouTube. If the person has a copyright o the audio then it is controversial if others may veiw it without their permission of not.

Best wishes 

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