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Erev Shabbos Pickup


Can I schedule a package pickup from the postal service for an erev Shabbos? It basically requests that the postman picks up a package from the front porch whenever they come to deliver that day’s mail. It will probably be before Shabbos (I assume that they don’t deliver mail in the evening) but I cannot be sure that they will not do the service after Shabbos has begun. Thank you!



Scheduling an erev Shabbos pickup has to issues to it. The first is that the postman should not be taking it from your property on Shabbos. It is not that probable that he will because they usually work until 5pm, and in the summer Shabbos starts later than that, and even in the winter, when shabbos is at 4:30 it isn’t that probable. If however Shabbos started, then you should take it inside so that the mailman can’t take it.
The other issue is, that you can’t request that it be an overnight delivery, because then you ae essentially commanding the gentile to work for you on Shabbos.
Therefore if they come early, and you don’t specify that you want next day delivery, it is fine.
Have a good Shabbos


O:CH 246-2, 244-1.

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