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Tweezing eyebrows during sefirah


Can a man tweeze his eyebrows during sefirah? and are there any mekoros?
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Tweezing eyebrows is not he main issue here, because the custom not to take haircuts only applies to the hair of one’s head and beard, and not for other body hair. The main issue here is if the man can do this even during the rest of the year, because it might be lo tilbash, (beautifying one’s body in a womanly way) depending on why he is tweezing his eyebrows.

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Kovetz Halachos (Sefiras Haomer) 10-2, Bein Pesach L’Shavuos 9-11 in the name of R’ S.Z. Auerbach and R’ Vozner zt”l, Y:D 182-1.


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