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Avoda zarah necklace


Hi Rabbi,

I have a doctor who we believe to be good at what they do. At one point in my care, they started wearing an avodazaarah necklace. I was concerned about being in the vicinity of the doctor wearing this necklace. They deliver babies, even more so, I am concerned about that. They are one of many doctors in a group. While you do generally see the same doctor each time, you cannot control which one delivers the babies. Should I stop seeing this entire doctor group because of the necklace that one of them ( my doctor)wears?

Thank you



Thank you for your question.

I understand your feeling, however from a halachic aspect there no problem even if that doctor is the one who delivers the baby. If he says that he wants to use certain oils which came from his avoda zara, that would be a problem, however that is quite unlikely, and if he does the regular medical procedures, without mentioning his avoda zara, although it is distasteful to you with that thing hanging around his neck, it is permitted to use even that doctor.

B’shaah Tova


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