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Questionable Software


I noticed a software program that was purchased that had random quotations from the xtian bible in the about section. Upon further review, I discovered the main author is an evangelical xtian who likes to promote his avoda Zara. Is it mutar to use this software? The quotes are in an inconspicuous location that few people would notice unless they go to the about section with the credits. Kol Tuv



Although it may be distasteful to use the software it is not halachically prohibited. The reason is because the software is not a way of worshipping the avoda zara, and the profits of it are not going to support avoda zara (unless you have reason to believe that they are). Needless to say, you should be very careful not to look at those parts of the software that are promoting avoda zara.


Y:D 143-3.


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