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Space and The World to Come


When we will be living in Olam Ha Ba would we be able to for example fly around the galaxy and visit other planets or stay only on earth ?



It is possible that after our soul leaves the body, that it can go to different places, that are not on this planet (See Tractate Brachos 18b). However, it is doubtful if our soul will be interested in going touring at that point. Our souls in Olam Haba will be in idle of enjoying an out-of- this-world experience, a pleasure that is far above any pleasure achievable our present world- being in the close embrace of Hashem. This is pleasure that while we are in a physical body, can’t appreciate it, but when the time comes, even Bilam who enjoyed tremendous riches, honor, and pleasure, exclaimed, that he wants to be able to gain entry into Olam Haba. Imagine that you are in middle of dining in a posh hotel, with the most enjoyable entertainment, the best wines, meat, and every physical pleasure possible, and someone would come over to you and ask you if you want to go outside and munch on some peanuts. You won’t be all that interested. So too it is possible that we won’t really be interested in just doing some touring.
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