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Hashavas aveida


I live in Lakewood and was invited to spend Shabbos by a relative in a another part of Lakewood I took my kids to the park on Shabbos afternoon and found a pair of glasses at the park so I took the glasses and put into the baby stroller with intention to do hashavas aveida after Shabbos when I came back to my host I left it in the baby stroller and my kids ended up playing with the glasses and now I can’t find them I would like to know what to do



Thank you for your question.
Since you picked up the glasses, you have to return them to the owner. Therefore you should put up a sign in the park that you were in. In all probability no one is going to call for the glasses. If someone does provide simanim for the gasses, then we will have to look into the matter better.
Best wishes


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