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Struggle over use of shared spaces


Lichvod HaRav,

Our building in Yerushalayim has two groups, spilt roughly in half.
Old Timers (15-20yrs +) Newer Tenants and 40% renters
Care about Aesthetics and Long Term Condition Care more about convenience
Clear entrance/lobby Bikes & Strollers in entrance/lobby
Front door closed Front door open
No playing in the lobby Yes playing

3 years ago, a compromise was reached at a vaad meeting to lock bikes along one designated gate a little further from the entrance. Its an ongoing struggle to enforce it.
A second meeting was held 3 months ago. Again, a compromise was reached. Regular bikes at designated gate, strollers along the railing in the lobby on the condition they are folded and do not impede passage to the miklat.
Owners of electric bikes are afraid they will get stolen from the designated gate and the vaad felt it was not the building’s responsibility to accommodate their specific security needs. But did agree that if a proposal was presented they would consider it and even potentially pay for it. One tenant agreed to work on a proposal. We are still waiting.

In the meantime, its only getting worse. Either they can’t be bothered or say its too hard. One ground floor owner insists that since its “his” floor, he can leave his bikes there.
Question 1: How can we halachically enforce the decision? What can we be tovea b’din?
Question 2: If the time comes that the old timers are outnumbered. Can we be outvoted to use the lobby as a parking lot/playground? What’s the status of a renter’s vote?
I feel like a nizuk, in the sense that the building I live in, invested money, time and resources to maintain at a certain standard for 20 years, is being taken from me by people who are only concerned about the few years they are here.
All the members of the newer group are Yeshivaleit. Perhaps once the shuras hadin is clear, we can reach a sustainable compromise.



 Your concern is correct, and such a situation is not easy. If the building you are referring to is in the Ramat Eshkol area, there are a number of dayanim that you can go to together with some of the tenants and work out a workable compromise. If you need any suggestions let me know.



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