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Motorhome on Shabbos


Can a person who has a motorhome (house on wheels) park in a location before shabbes and shabbes inside it? In this case, the motorhome is all mechanics, nothing digital…?

Gitt shabbes



Thanks for the question.

From the wording of your question, I understand that you mean to ask regarding muktza, and regarding going in and out of the motorhome on Shabbos. This is not a problem, the reason being because the mobile home is meant to be used as  a vehicle and a home, therefore it is considered a kli shemilachto l’issur v’heter, and it is not muktza. Even if it would be considered a kli shemilachto lissur, you are using for a permitted use (litzoreh gufo) and it is permitted.

Have a gut Shabbos

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