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Kli Shemelachto L’issur for said issur


Hi, a bit of a hypothetical question. If I were to use a kli shemelachto lissur for the issur itself would I be “over” on muktzah? Is that not ltzoirech gufoi? If we assume that the issur is a remnance of the qezeirah on all keilim then I don’t understand why there would be an issur muktzah. It’s the same old rule of not being metalteil sheloi letzoirech. If the issur is a new gezeirah, as it seems to be according to many opinions, then maybe there is a problem. The kaf hachaim explains that it’s a “muktzeh lechatzayin”, so maybe there’s an arguement that for the issur purposes it is huktzeh midaitoi. Does this seem accurate?



Thank you for your question.

A person who uses a kil shemilachto l’issur in order to do the issur itself i.e. picks up a pencil in order to write, is definitely “oiver” on the issur of muktza. In fact, the reason a kli shemilachto l’issue is assur is precisely for this reason, and this is why chazal said that we may not pick it up, in order that we shouldn’t do the melacha. )See Rambam Hilchos Shabbos- 24, and introduction of the Mishna Berura to Siman 308(. Ltzorch gufo means a permitted use, not to use the muktza for issur.



רמב”ם הלכות שבת פרק כד הל’ יב “אסרו חכמים לטלטל מקצת דברים בשבת כדרך שהוא עושה בחול, ומפני מה נגעו באיסור זה… (הלכה יג) ועוד כשיבקר ויטלטל כלים שמלאכתן לאיסור אפשר שיתעסק בהן מעט ויבא לידי מלאכה”. וכ”כ כ’ במ”ב בהקדמתו לס’ שי”ח.



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