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If I get thirsty in the middle of Pesukei D’Zimra, is it mutar to make a Bracha and drink?
What if I start feeling tired and would like to drink coffee?
Thank you!



Thank you for your question.

During Pesukei D’zimra we are in middle of praising Hashem, and we are not allowed to interrupt what we are doing to talk out unless it is for a mitzva that can’t be done later, such as answering amen, borchu, etc. The poskim say that one should not make a bracha on food during Pesukei D’zimra unless one is in an extreme situation and the person just cannot continue davening without eating something. Drinks should be taken care of before starting Pesukei D’zimra. The same goes for drinking coffee. If one feels tired before davening a coffee may be taken, and it is part of the person’s preparations for davening. If one feels tired during davening, it might help if he stands while davening, and it will help him stay awake.

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מגן אברהם סימן תצד ס”ק ט “כתב בשל”ה שלא יחלקו עשבים להריח בבה”כ עד אחר תפילת י”ח כדי שיוכלו לברך על הריח דאסור להפסיק מברוך שאמר עד אחר י”ח” פסקי : פסקי תשובות ס’ נ”א-ט’.


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