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Removing tefillin on chol hamoed Pesach


What is the source for leaving on the tefillin until after the laining on the third day (1st day chol hamoed) Pesach? Heard that because the laining is about tefillin, we leave them on. Where is the source?




Although this is not the accepted minhag in Klal Yisroel, there are those who do have this minhag. The minhag in Pressburg was to leave their tefillin on until after kriyas hatorah, and when the baal Koreh got up to the posuk והיה לך לאות, everyone would kiss their tefillin. (See Chodesh Bchodsho, 5761pg. 90) .


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  1. Someone mention to check the Alei Tamir, Moed Koton 3:4, Girsa d’Yankesa and Chok Yaakov (490,2). D’var Yatziv Or Chaim Ch. 11.
    I don’t have those sources/sefarim.

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