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Is there any difference between a cigarette and a cigar in regards to smoking on yomtov


For those that smoke cigarettes on yom tov is there any reason why smoking a cigar would be different?
Also would the cigar have to be cut before yom tov



Before answering your question, it should be noted that most contemporary poskim say that even though smoking might have been considered normal practice in previous generations, however nowadays, it is not considered something that most people do. Indeed for this reason smoking cigars would be worse, because the percentage of people smoking them is even less than those smoking cigarettes, therefore there is reason to say that cigars are different.

As a side point, it is not permitted to cut a cigar on Yom Tov (even when it was permitted to smoke them). The reason being because it makes the cigar useable, and therefore is considered fashioning a kli, (makeh bpatish) and not permitted.

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עי’ קובץ תשובות ח”ב סי’ ל”ב, ובחוט שני פרק י’, ועי’ שבות יצחק עניני יו”ט פרק ג’ הערה י”א בשם הגרשז”א ז”ל, ובמנחת שלמה תנינא סי’ ס’ אות כ”ט, ובשו”ת שבט הלוי חלק י”א סי’ קכ”ט.  וע’ בס’ ים טוב כהלכתה פ”ד אות כ’ ובהערות שם שהעריך בזה לאסור.


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