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OCD in the Kitchen


I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder which manifests around kashrut. I have sent a few questions related to my condition in the past. A few days ago I opened a cupboard where we store our meat pots shorty after I consumed dairy. Since then I have had anxiety that I might have touched a pot with dairy on my hands or gotten some spittle on them. I know these are not rational thoughts, but they are part of my condition. In any event, we have not used the pots since then and I have been fighting the urge to wash them because the doctors tell me stopping these kinds of compulsions is the most effective path to improvement. The problem is if I do nothing, the pots will eventually be used with heat and I will be left to wonder if there was something actually wrong.

Would there even be a kashrut issue if a pot was touched after eating dairy or some spittle got on them? It would be helpful to get some guidance on whether all this worry is over nothing, even if it was the worst case.




You are very on target, there is nothing real to worry about with this, because even if something got on it, it would be insignificant.

Hav e a good day.


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