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Eating after Shabbos candle lighting…


I appreciate your response, but that created another question. I was taught that girls, who don’t light candles are Mekabel Shabbos with the mother’s candle-lighting..and so they cannot eat and drink after candle-lighting…Is this not so? Can a girl not be Mekabel Shabbos with her mother’s lighting?? that she can still enjoy a piece of kugel?




While I don’t want to write contrary to what you were taught, but as far as what I have seen the only one that is mekabel Shabbos when the mother of the house lights her candles is herself, not her husband, or her children. See Sources. If you have any sources that write not like this, please let me know.  This idea should not be mixed up with the halacha that when the father of the house is mekabel Shabbos in shul etc., even though it is before shkiya, that everyone in the household, gets pulled after him, and it is considered Shabbos for them.

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שו”ע סי’ רסג סעי’ י בהג”ה וז”ל “והמנהג שאותה אשה המדלקת מקבלת שבת בהדלקה אם לא שהתנה תחילה ואפי’ תנאי בלב סגי אבל שאר בני הבית מותרין במלאכה עד ברכו ע”כ וכתב הפמ”ג מ”ז סק”א “אף שאשה המדליקה היא עקרת הבית והם נמשכים אחר דעתה תמיד אפ”ה הקילו בהדלקה. והרי בתפילה סעי’ יב המיעוט נמשכים אחר הרוב ומשמע ה”ה אחר גדול הבית וא”כ חזינן דתפילה חמורה מהדלקה” ע”כ.

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