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Mezuzah on apartment rented to intermarried couple


I own a house that I used to occupy but now I’m leasing to others.
Am I allowed to remove my mezuzos if the couple coming in, are a married
Jew and gentile and the Jew is non practicing?




You are asking a tricky question. On one hand when renting an apartment to a gentile there is a suspicion that they might take the mezuza down, and act with it in an unbefitting manner, therefore one is allowed and should remove the mezuza. On the other hand, since one of them is Jewish, by removing the mezuza you are causing that that person should not have a mezuza on their door. Therefore, if in your eyes the couple appear to be respectable people, who would not remove the mezuza and would treat it respectfully, then leave them there. However, if this is not the case then remove them. Additionally, you can ask them if they would want the mezuzas (a Jewish protection to their home). If they seem to want them, then keep them up, however if they don’t want them up, then remove them. If you do keep them up, mention to them that they are not to remove the mezuzas.

If you keep the mezuzas up, they should all have a double covering, as the couple are not going to act and dress in a modest manner in front of the mezuzas.

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יו”ד ס’ רצא-ב, אגור באהליך פרק מ’ סע’ ל”ט, פ”ד סע’ י’. וכן שיחה עם הרב פלדמן שליט”א מחבר ס’ אגור באהליך.


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