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Repairing Torn Talis


I have a hole in the middle of my talis gadol. How am I permitted to repair it?




Not only is it permitted, but you should repair it. Having a hole in one’s tallis is an emnbarrassment to the mitzva. We have a beautiful suit, pressed shirt and pants, and shiny shoes, and a 20 year old looking tallis. That in a way makes a statement that the mitzva isn’t too important to us to invest in its up keep. Therefore by all means repair it, but when you do, it is always helpful to bear in mind that you are doing it, in order to beautify Hashem’s mitzva.

When the corners are ripped, when a corner gets ripped off, or when the tallis gets ripped in half. there are therefore times when the tzitzis may have to be removed before repairing it. This, however, does not apply to a rip in the middle of the tallis, since the tallis right now is perfectly kosher to wear.

Have a good Shabbos


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