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In your answer to a Ba’alas Teshuvah regarding getting pregnant before doing teshuvah and therefore without going to the mikvah, you said that it’s likely that she may have gone swimming and therefore the baby wouldn’t be a ben niddah (you also said that in any case many great people were such and it’s not something to be disheartened by).
My question is, wouldn’t she have had numerous chatzitzos? What exactly constitutes the issur kareis? Perhaps your answer can help me be calmer going to the mikvah, because I’m currently more nervous than happy to do the mitzvah.
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The answer that was given was post facto. What was done was done, and the question then was if her children are considered pagum or not. The question was not discussing, if she was allowed to do what she did, and it was only meant to calm her down at this point. It is possible that she had a number of chatzitos, and obviously she didn’t do a proper chafifa, which we are obligated to do. The question was if she was still a nidda on a d’oraysa level, which it is possible that she wasn’t.

The issur kares regarding chatzita would only apply is she had a chatzitza that was on most of her body or hair, and she didn’t want it there. However, in practical halacha, we have to make sure not to have any chatzitza, even on a minor part of our body.

The process of cleaning and checking oneself, should not be filled with dread and fear. Rather there are a number of things that have to be done, including checking oneself, but after that, we assume that it was done properly. Instead of being nervous about it, it would be helpful to concentrate on positive thoughts. The fact that right now I am doing a great mitzva, which is tremendous zechus. This preparation and going to the mikva, might be the start of generations of tzaddikim, and tzidkanious. In 75 years, there may be 100’s of neshomos, who will do millions of mitzvos, that you the merit of causing by this. Of course, the yetzer hora, decides at this point to make you concentrate on being nervous, however you do have to listen to such thoughts. Do what you have to, and otherwise concentrate on thoughts that will help you do the mitzva happily.

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