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Havdalah candles


The Mishna Brurah siman 298 sk 8 says that for a candle to be considerd an avuka for havdala it’s not enough to have a few wicks next to eeach other, but the wicks must have some wax between them to make a separation between them, otherwise they are like one thick wick. I noticed that many of the havdala candles sold in the store today do have this, that they are made of 2 separately braided candles and have a separation beetwen the wicks, however many of the candles sold in America today do not have any separation betwen the wicks and do not seem to be an avuka. (Maybe they dont sell these types in eretz yisrael, although I think they do)
Did anyone ever meorer this issue? Am I misunderstanding the sugya?




Interesting point. See the attached link, עומק הפשט 260 צו תש”פ – נר דקורטיבי להבדלה which is what someone wrote on this topic. As a side point, if there is some wax that got between the two wicks this would not be an issue.

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