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On Bnei Noach


Shalom Aleikhem, Rabbotay!
I hope you are doing fine.
Recently, it has come to my attention that certain so proclaimed Rabbis in …, are appointing non-Jews to apper before a Bais Din to accept over them the Seven Laws of Noach, of course, fee for that “service” is required. I wonder if there is a Halakha for such a behavior. What is the support they might be making usage of to make those non-Jews Chiub of the Kibul of accepting Bnei Noach laws? Are non-Jews required to appear before a Bais Din in order to be considered “Bnei Noach”?
I will appreciate your response.

שבת שלום, רבותי




I cannot comment on something that I am not familiar with. In general, though, I am not aware of any official accepting of the seven Noahide mitzvos.

Best wishes


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