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Using milchig kli for cold fleishig food


I was stuck erev shabbos and I needed a strainer to strain some cold fleishig food and I only had a milchig strainer in the house. I used the milchig strainer since I’ve heard one can use a treif kli for cold food if its only an arai use, and I figured this was even better since its a kosher kli. I want to know if I can keep doing that in the future, using this strainer for fleishig food – is using a milchig kli for fleishig food the same machlokes and only allowed arai, or perhaps its even better since its not actually treif and I can regularly use the milchig kli for cold fleishig food?




It is hard for me to understand your question. What was done when you were stuck is considered arai, however to continue doing this is not arai, and we should not be using fleishig utensils even for cold milchig on a constant basis.

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