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Bracha on eating whole pizza


Dear Rabbi
In a situation when one is eating a whole pizza (not pre sliced), what is the best method to make hamozi? I have two ideas below. Would either be acceptable?
a) Make a small slice and then say the bracha (while holding the slice in your hand).
b) Cut a slice off using fork. Take the fork in the right hand and make the bracha.




My understanding of your two choices are that in both choices you are cutting the slice of pizza off, and then either holding it in your hand with a fork. Between the two choices, the better one is to hold it with your hand. The reason being that there is a preference when a person says hamotzei, (which is definitely the bracha when eating a whole pie), he should hold the bread in his hand, and preferably touch it with all ten fingers. This is because, there are ten mitzvos involved with the wheat until it gets made into bread, the bracha of Hamotzei has ten words in it, the verse פותח את ידך, has ten words in it.

There is however a better option, which is to ensure that the pizza remains whole while you say the bracha on it. Therefore, you can cut into the pizza a little bit, making sure that the piece that you cut is still attached well to the rest, (that if you would pick the pizza up by that piece, the rest of it would come along with it.) Place all ten fingers on a piece of crust, say the bracha and then cut off, a piece. This way the pizza is still a shalem (whole).

After that eat and enjoy.

Best wishes


 שולחן ערוך אורח חיים הלכות בציעת הפת, סעודה, וברכת המזון סימן קסז סעיף ג – ד  “אין לברך קודם שיתפוס הלחם.” “יתן שתי ידיו על הפת בשעת ברכה, שיש בהן י’ אצבעות כנגד י’ מצות התלויות בפת ולכך יש י’ תיבות בברכת המוציא וי’ תיבות בפסוק מצמיח חציר לבהמה (תהילים קד, יד) וי’ תיבות בפסוק עיני כל אליך ישברו (תהילים קמה, טו) וי’ תיבות בפסוק ארץ חטה ושעורה (דברים ח, ח) וי’ תיבות בפסוק ויתן לך (בראשית כז, כח).



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