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Removing pits from cantaloupe melon


Is one allowed to remove the pits of a cantaloupe melon before cutting the melon into slices? If yes, how? (scraping with a spoon/cutting out with a knife together with a bit of the melon/…)?
Thank you so much!




Cantaloupe Pits- the center pits of the cantaloupe, which are not attached to it, are not considered mixed with the cantaloupe, and may be removed, (shake them directly into the garbage). The lower pits (clinging to the fruit) are considered like a peel, according to some Poskim[1] and may be removed before the meal. Other Poskim however consider them mixed[2] together, and אסור  to remove. Therefore, it is preferred to either shake off the pits[3] or cut off the lower pits with a little bit of cantaloupe[4]. If this can’t be done, the pits can be taken off directly before eating[5].



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