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Salad perepared with meaty equipment to eat with fish


Hi. I recently bought a Israeli salad which is prepared in the store itself, however on the label it says that everything is prepared with fleishig equipment. I was wondering if there would be a problem of mixing it with tuna fish.




You may eat it with tuna fish. It is permitted to eat fish that was cooked in a fleishig pot, because according to most poskim, while we are careful not to eat meat and fish together, we don’t have to be concerned that absorbed taste from a meaty pot got absorbed in the fish, as the poskim say that there is no danger caused by it[1], even if the taste is a ben yomo -less than a day old, it is permitted. As a side point, there are a number of ramifications to this.

  1. A person technically doesn’t need to have separate pots for fish and for meat as long as the pot is clean it is permitted. However, it is preferable to have a separate pot for fish[2].


  1. If meat fell on the outside of a pot of fish, (or vice versa) the pot and its contents are permitted[3].


  1. If some meat spilled in an oven and got absorbed, and fish was put down there afterwards it is permitted[4].


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[1] ט”ז יו”ד ס’ צ”ה סק”ג, ח”ס בפתח”ת סק”ג חכ”א, חכ”א שם, ורעק”א בס’ קט”ז וכן מנחת יעקב ס’ נ”ז-א’, יד יהודה ס’ צ”ה פיה”א ד’, שו”ת ח”ס יו”ד סוס”י ק”א. וע’ שבה”ל ח”ו ס’ קי”א ג’ אות ד’ שמהח”ס יתכן שלא נאסור אפילו ע”י עירוי דאולי מעיקר הדין אין שייך חשש סכנה בכזה.

[2] כ”כ הטור דיש מחמירים ליחד להם כלים, וכן הובא באו”ה, ובלבוש, ובחכ”א .

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[4] ט”ז ס’ צ”ה, וח”ס, וחכ”א.

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