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Very little time for Mincha


We have a minyan at work which has a very limited time. We can either do a hechi kedusha or start the chazara with 6 listening. What would you suggest?




Before answering your question, you have to understand that both options are b’dieved, and just because you will be meikel one day, this doesn’t permit doing it on days that you can daven mincha properly. However out of the two choices it is better to do a “heicha kedusha”, than to say hazaras hashatz with only 6 people. The reason is practical. When davening in such a minyan, even those six people it is questionable if they will be concentrating and answering amen properly, besides the chazan will be trying to go at top speed, and therefore it is doubtful that he will be able to concentrate properly. Therefore, it is better to do the hecha shmona esrei, because this way at least the first three brachos will be said properly.

Understandably, if the situation allows it, it is preferred that you find a different minyan…

Hashem should hear all of our tefillos

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