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Making a vow to do something


What is considered a vow? I’m aware that if I say I will do something, I should do it. But, if I answer a poll saying I’ll do something/be somewhere, or write it down on my phone to remind myself, is not doing it a sin?




In general, we should be honest, and if we say that we will do something we should keep to our word, as it says “motza sifasechas tishmor” that we should be honest. However, if what was said was not a mitzva action, then it isn’t considered a vow. For example, if someone asks you if you are going fishing today, and you say, “yes I’m going fishing today”, that is not a vow. Even if you write it down on your phone as a reminder, that will still not make what you said or plan to do, into a vow. However, if what you said is a mitzva, then you would be obligated to carry it out. For example, if you say that you will learn a certain portion of the Torah or mishnayos, or that you will lend a poor person money, you be obligated to keep what you say. This is why it is good to get into the habit, that whenever you say that ou will do a positive thing, to say bli neder.

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שולחן ערוך יורה דעה הלכות נדרים סימן ריג סעיף ב’ “האומר: אשנה פרק זה, הוי כאלו נדר לתת צדקה.  (או לעשות שאר מצות ונדרו קיים) (וכן משמע בטור ורא”ש ופוסקים)”. חפץ חיים – אהבת חסד חלק א פרק א אות יא “אם הבטיח לישראל להלותו סך מה יזהר מלחזור בו דהוא ככל קבלה לדבר מצוה דקי”ל ביו”ד סימן רי”ג ס”ב דאסור לחזור בו”.


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