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Shalom, Rabbi
What would a Jew do if he founds out that his soulmate( A Jewish girl) have converted to Christianity, should he gone on and marry her?




A Jew that is loyal to his heritage would not want to marry a person who forsakes his religion. Being a soulmate is not just an issue of outer love, but a binding of the two souls to join each other for the common goal that they have in life. to live a common life together with common goals. if the other person says that he or she wants nothing to do with Judaism, then it is a  statement which scream that their goals are no longer heading in the same direction yours are. if one person wants that the children should go to church, and the other to go to synagogue, to observe the Shabbat, Yom Kippur, and family purity. All of this to the other person would be totally foreign and even if the other person would outwardly object, and there will end up being many, many conflicts of interest.

In short, your soul wants something better than that.

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