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Tissues and packages on Shabbat


Hello Rabbi,

A few questions regarding Shabbat.

1. My parents are not Shabbat observant. My mom wrote on a carton of food in Shabbat because normally I ask her to label food packages. I would have said not to because it was Shabbat. Is the food off limits now because technically she did it for me?

2. What type of tissues are permitted on Shabbat? We have Kleenex boxes. The tissues are sort of connected by being embedded in the box but no ripping needed to separate them. Are they ok?

Thank you



  1. The carton of food is still permitted to use, because the label is only helping locate the food, and there was no melacha involved in the producing of the food. I wouldn’t however use the labels, for identifying what food it is, rather some other method. or if you can tell what the food is without it, that is also fine.
  2.  As long gas the tissues are not physically attached, so that when they are dispensed, they rip apart from each other, they are fine to use on Shabbos.
  3. Best wishes


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