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1)knife 2)bread


1) My son was eating a hot cheese toast on top of a dairy plate that was on top of a dairy placemat. When he picked up the placemat to clean up, he found a meaty knife underneath. I think everything was basically dry, but not 100% sure. Is the knife ok?

2) I had a raw, frozen chicken wrapped in thin plastic inside of a thin, plastic shopping bag. Below that I had another plastic bag with a loaf of bread (wrapped in plastic) inside. I left it like that for an hour or so and I noticed that the bread got cold from the chicken, but I don’t think any chicken juice leaked onto the bread. Is the bread still parve?




  1. The knife is ok. the ot cheese toast, was definitely not hot enough to go thru the plate and tablecloth, and we don’t have to assume that anything leaked unless we have specific reason to thin so.
  2. The cold chicken didn’t make the brea fleishig, because there was no way for the taste to go thru the plastic bag, if everything was dry.

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