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pickle juice


I had some pickles (dvar charif) stored in a aino ben yomo meaty container and transferred them to an aino ben yomo meaty plate with aino ben yomo meaty fork to serve at the Shabbos seuda. When we were cleaning up, someone poured some of the pickle juice down the dairy sink and because it was Shabbos and I didn’t need the dishes, I didn’t wash the dishes until the next morning. I know since everything is cold it shouldn’t be a problem, but I once read that a dvar charif can transfer taste even after 10 minutes. (I read that if you keep a meaty spoon in a jar of chrane it can turn the chrane meaty). Are my dishes and sink okay?




The dishes in the sink are ok, in part because you don’t know if the pickle juice actually went into the dishes and stayed there.

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