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Disturbing during the amida


Thank you Rabbi for your help.

Sometimes at shul I get called as a shaliach tzibur, and a few weeks ago another person, who is shomer mitzvot and a nice person, decided to daven his amida right next to the shaliach tzibur and also stay there during chazarat hashatz, about one feet to the immediate right. It does bother me when I am shaliach tzibur. My question is twofold: One: is this halachically permitted? Two: if it is halachically permitted and it just bothers me, can I tell him to please do not do that when I am shaliach tzibur or I can not because that would be his makom?

Thank you again Rabbi




If he is a foot away from you, and not physically touching you, it is permitted for him to be there. On the other hand since it is disturbing you and your concentration while you are davening for the amud, you can politely explain to him that when you daven for the amud you are sensitive to a feeling of being crowded. Therefore ask him to move over a little bit. As long as he is within 4 amos, (6-8 feet) of where he usually davens it is still considered his makom kavua.

Best wishes


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