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dairy spoon


I have a little kids plastic table that is meant for activities, but sometimes the kids eat off of it. The other day my daughters brought home meaty school lunches from an afternoon program. They then ate it on this table and made a very big mess. I don’t know how hot the lunches were when they had them, but they were able to eat it with their hands. I later superficially washed off the table in the bathtub (I didn’t scrub it down).
The next day somebody ate their cereal with milk on the same table. They left the wet, stainless steel spoon on the table, which was then sitting directly underneath the living room window where the sun was beating down on it. When I took the spoon of table, it felt like it had gotten quite hot. Should I kasher the spoon?




There is no need to kasher the spoon. the lunch wasn’t hot, and any grease that might have gotten on the table was already washed off.

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