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Fleishig Corelle dish washed with Dairy dish sponge


A guest of ours washed her fleishig dish (corelle) after eating chicken and side dishes, by mistake at our dairy sink with a dairy dish sponge…the sponge had not been used today.. Not sure if 24 hours have passed since last use.
She says she used cold water (or at least not very hot). I threw out the sponge, Kashered the sink with boiling water (stainless steel sink) but was not sure about the dish….
I understand Corelle is considered glass. Is it enough to just wash the dish with soap and water?

Thank you


Yes it is enough to just wash the dish off. Throwing out the sponge was correct, because it now has milchig and fleishig grease in it. The sink however did not have to be kashered,since she said that she didn’t use hot water. We believe her for what she said and therefore the dish is also fine to use.

Gmar chasima tova

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