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Changing Place for Bracha

If I make a shehakol on my orange juice by breakfast, does this cover my coffee which iI make in the same room) even when I take the coffee to a different part of the building? Let’s say I make the coffee itself in a different part of the building, can I be covered with my Bracha on the orange juice(which is in a different part of the building)? I am Sephardic if this makes a difference in the halacha.  I hope I conveyed my question clearly. Thank you


A bracha on one drink will cover another drink if one has in mind the second drink i.e. he knew he would be drinking it or he commonly does so. The bracha would continue in different rooms of the same building as long as he knew he would be going to those rooms at the time he made the bracha, or it is common practice for him to do so.

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