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Selling Chametz Online



I have noticed that you have the option of selling Chametz Online through your website and I have 2 questions in regards to web sale.

1. Does the sale of chametz through DinOnline include dishes as its a custom with some or only chametz itself?
2. Does the sale also work for people who live on the west coast (time zone difference)?


It will be for any chometz that you want to get rid of. We don’t sell the actual dishes to the goy, (that would require tevilah after pesach like any other kli that we bought from a non Jew) Rather we are selling any chometz that might be inside the utensil.

The sale does work for people outside Israel, and it should be specified, which is included in the form that you can fill out.

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  1. According to Lubavitch custom the dishes are included, but there is no need to immerse them after Pesach because they were never actually transferred to the reshus of the Nochri.

  2. This is the opinion of the Alter Rebbe, and so is the custom of all Lubavitch rabbonim to sell the dishes to the goy. Also, the Ben Ish Chai (Tzav: 9) holds that the dishes should be sold.

    1. Why won’t it need tevilah afterwards?

  3. because the chametzdik utensils are never actually transferred to the non-Jewish buyer’s domain, they do not require immersion once they are returned to the original owner. See the sichah from 1976 printed in HaMaor 54:2 (380): (March-April 2001): 3-5.

    1. That is exactly the question. If it’s not entering the buyers domain negitively affects the sale and it isn’t a complete sale, then why is the chometz considered sold?

  4. The selling of the pots is not me’akev.

    However, according to the contract for selling chametz as composed by the Alter Rebbe, the pots are indeed included in the sale.

    Nevertheless, even one who sells his chametz and chametz keilim through a Lubavitcher rav need NOT immerse his keilim after Pesach due to the reason mentioned, that tevila is required only when the keilim left the house of the Jew (which, in this case, did not happen). They merely left the halachic possession of the Jew, but they remained in his house. This is pretty much how the Alter Rebbe holds. According to the Chazon Ish, however, such a person must immerse his keilim (if they were sold to a goy).

    For the many divergent opinions on this topic, see Darkei Teshuvah, Yoreh Deah 120:90; the long footnote in Rabbi Zvi Cohen’s Tevilat Keilim 3:3; Yabia Omer 6, YD:11 and Yechave Da’at 3:24 (where Rav Ovadia Yosef asserts one should not sell utensils and rules that they require immersion if sold). The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 114:2 also says not to sell utensils. Utensils made of material that do not require tevilah may be sold.

    1. What about trhe clause that rents the place of the chometz to the non Jew?

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