I am flying by plane to go somewhere else for the entire pesach. I will be selling all the chometz in my house. Do I need to clean my car before I leave, or can that be included in the sale of the house chometz?


You don’t have to clean your car if it is included in the sale together with the chometz in your house. The place of your car should be specified in the form that you fill out when selling all of your chometz. Although you are selling all of the chometz in your house, you will still have to make a bedikah in the place that you are staying for pesach.


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2 Responses to “Selling Entire House for Pesach and leaving town by plane for entire pesach. Do I need to clean my car?”

  1. How will the goy get access to the car? Does he need to be given a key?

    • NO, but he should be given information where he can get the key.

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