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Matanos L’evyonim


If I put money aside for my wife in the tzedalah envelope for matanos levyonim and told her that im giving it on her behalf but then decided that she should be koneh it instead because of those shitos that say that she should do that, is there any problem with this – meaning, do we say that since the money was already set aside in the tzedakah envelope perhaps its already considered belonging to the tzedakah and she should not be koneh that money that was already put into the tzedakah envelope??


She can pick it up to be koneh it be fore you give . The reason is because you didn’t actually give it yet and you didn’t make a kinyan for the poor person yet, therefore it is yours that you earmarked to give for matanos l’evyonim. You have to give it, because it would be considered a neder l’tedakah, but there still no kinyan made and therefore she can pick it up before tyou give it.


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