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Sucking skin on shabos


Hi. I am uncomfortable asking my Rav this question, so I’m asking here.
If I like to suck on my skin strongly, which afterwards leaves a mark for a few days (I’m assuming the red mark is blood), may I do so on shabbos? More specific, I’m asking about giving / receiving a ‘lovebite’ on shabbos.


Wait to do this for after shabbos. On shabbos we are not allowed to separate blood from our bodies, (Mileches Shochait) and even if the blood didn’t actually leave the body, since it separated from the flesh, even if it is still blocked from leaving the body by our skn it is still considered causing bleeding. Therefore it is similar to making someone a “black and blue“ mark, which is not permitted on shabbos, ( and for other reasons should not be done to anyone else even during the week).  The poskim say that it is for this reason (and other bain adom l’chaveiro reasons) that a person should not pinch a child’s cheek too hard on shabbos.


O:CH  316-8, M:B ibid 29, 30,31,32, Kaf Hachayim ibid 61, Ben Ish chai 2- Vaeira-12,

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    1. According to some Rishoniim yes, and according to others it would be mefarek (dosh). I used Shochet because it is the simplest to understand.

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