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Maamid of Schach



I have noticed that my in laws sukka (where I will be spending yomtov) has 4 fixed horizontal metal poles, and then they place vertical wooden poles on top (these have been painted with a waterproof paint). Then the kosher schach mats are placed on top of the wooden poles so not to touch the metal. I would like to add that my in-laws are Sephardi while I am Ashkenazi

Is this an issue? As far as I understand its not lechatchila, but b’dieved would be fine. Please can you confirm. (also does sholom bayis play a role here too!)


Thereis controversy of it is permitted to have the schach supported (called a maamid) by something that is mekabel tuma. According to some Achronim it is not allowed, but according others it is only l’chatchila, but b’dieved it is permitted. Regarding a maamid d’maamid, the support of the support, according to most poskim (almost all except the Chazon Ish) and this is the widespread minhag, that it is l’chatchila to put schach on top of something that is not mekabel tuma, ( the wooden beams) even if it is supported by something that is mekabel tuma (the metal poles).


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