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Warm milk in a dough recipe


Will making a dough recipe that calls for 3/4 cup of warm milk in my mixer make my mixer milky, or does it have to be hot milk to do that?
I know that using cold butter (for example) and washing it with cold water afterwards is ok, what about warm milky ingredients?


Halachically it has to be halachically hot (yad soledes bo which is 110 oF-113oF or 43oF or 43oC-45oC) in order to make the mixer milky. This is the technical halacha, however from a practical angle it is not recommended to use the pareve mixer for milky things because things can get mixed up, of there may be times that it isn’t washed out well.

By the way, it can be problematic to make a recipe that has milky ingredients. The reason is because bread or cake can be eaten together with a meaty meal. There are one of two options when making such a cake. Either to make it in a way that it looks differant than other cakes ( has a special shape) or has some sort of marking on it to diffentiate it so people will not mix it up, or if you are only making enough for one meal..

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Y:D siman 97

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