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Informing regarding wrong item sent


Thank you so much for your help, it is sincerely appreciated.
I recently ordered something online and the wrong item was sent (there were two color options and the other color was sent instead of the one I ordered). Is there any issue of informing/ lashon hora to mention to the company that the wrong item was sent? I do not know who is in charge of sending the item or who could potentially “get in trouble” for sending the wrong item…I have no ill will toward the company or the person who sent it- is there any issue of informing if I mention that the wrong item was sent for the purpose of getting a refund upon sending the item back?
Thanks again!


You are allowed to tell the company that a mistake was made and that you want the correct color. It is not mesira as this only when someone is trying to harm someone else, but here you are allowed to receive what you ordered from the company. It is also not lashon hora because it would not be worse than lashon hora l’toeles, because they owe you the correct product. Besides the owner of the company would want to know about it because e owes you the correct product. 

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