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Poured milk into fleishig sink


I was at someone for shobbos. They had one washing cup for both sinks. I filled up water in the washing cup that I had just picked up from the Milchig sink and realized the water looked a white’esh color so I spilled it out in the fleishig sink (that i was about to wash my hands in) and refilled the cup to wash my hands and I washed my hands in the fleishig sink. I was thinking afterwards that the white’esh water very possibly could have been milk that got in to the washing cup (especially because I was pretty sure I saw people drinking coffee before hand), and I had just poured it in the fleishig sink. I did try running the cold water for a second in the Fleishig sink to try to wash it out a bit but the cold water didn’t get everywhere in the sink and I cant know if it really washed off the area with the Milchigs. I’m pretty sure after me other people washed their hands in that sink (but I’m not 100% sure). After that, later on (by motzei shobbos) I saw the Fleishig sink being used to wash dishes with hot water. Did I טרף up this family’s Fleishig sink?


You did not treif up their sink and everything is fine. You washed out the (possibly) milky water, therefore even if a drop stayed it would be botil, and you don’t haveto worry about it.


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